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Recordings - J. S. Bach Organ Works
J. S. Bach: Organ Works Complete - an 11-CD boxed set
The Complete Organ Works of Bach Include:
  18 Preludes and Fugues
  4 Toccatas and Fugues
  4 Fantasies
  2 Partitas
  6 Trio Sonatas
  6 Fugues
  4 Concertos
  10 Miscellaneous Works
  103 Chorale Preludes including the Great 18 Leipzig Chorales, Schübler Chorales, Clavierübung Part III, Orgelbüchlein, and free chorales
This 11 CD set includes these individual CD volumes:
OAR-250 (single CD)
OAR-300 (2-CD set)
OAR-400 (2-CD set)
OAR-470 (2-CD set)
OAR-580 (2-CD set)
Each of these CDs is described on this website and is available separately.
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Eleven CDs of the complete organ works are played by George Ritchie on nine pipe organs built in the United States. Extensive notes document the organs and the registrations, and George Stauffer writes extensively on the works.
The organs:
  Fritts-Richards organ, Seattle, Washington
  Taylor & Boody organs in Worcester,
  Massachusetts, and Indianapolis, Indiana  
  John Brombaugh organ, Collegedale, Tennessee
  Munetaka Yokota organ, Chico, California
  Fritz Noack organ, Houston, Texas
  Paul Fritts organ, Tacoma, Washington
  Martin Pasi organ, Omaha, Nebraska
  C. B. Fisk organ, St. Paul, Minnesota
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